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Achim Schiffer

About Me

From 1970 to 1994 I was working for Mercedes-Benz in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim. I climbed the career ladder in the Finance Department, which gave me in the last 5 years the opportunity to develop and implement a uniform invoicing system for the company. Was a great job! Lots of travelling and meetings with the nation wide factories, contact with the Mercedes-Benz IT Department Debis and beside becoming partly responsible for the new founded Daimler-Benz AG in Stgt.-Echterdingen. Three years without a day of holiday was the result.

And than the big Holiday - going to Africa - for more than 4 months. 
And as a result of this trip my decision was made. Application for permanent residence in Namibia. End of September 1994 I was here in Windhoek.
The rest of the story is told quickly. 
In 1996 Internet came to Windhoek, and I started to learn how to create web sites. 

A few private things

What I do beside the internet....


She is born in 2012 (my first born Patricia lives in Germany) . Chrissi takes a huge amount of my time, School, Homework, Karate, and many other trips more. As a single father it's a full-time job, but I enjoy it.

Watches and Watchfaces for Android watches

On these watches you can individually use your own watch faces, i.e. Rolex, IWC or Breitling. To collect or to create takes a lot of my private time.

Music and Video

Collecting Music and Videos
Mainly to give my daughter the chance to see a lot of the "good old" movies and listen to "The Beatles". 



Since I hade my Agfa Clack (I was 13 or so) I enjoy this hobby. And luckily, my daughter feels the same.

2 wheels

The "never ever!" promise after my accident with 17years was changed to "for 50 years" . And that's now over. So now, and hopefully much wiser, I'm back on two wheels, what a joy.

Contact Me

Please feel free to drop me a line or two.
I will come back to you. 


+264 61 243411
081 241 6262


Windhoek - Olympia
Gerald Dreyer St, Auas Blick C3

Working Hours

7:30 - 11:45
14:00 - 18:00

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