Hi, I'm Achim and I'm a WEB Designer

Since 1996 the topic web site is my hobby and became my profession.  And still is.
First it was the tourism industry in general. But after Corona and with the handy friendly layout everyone is welcome.  

As it all started...

It all started somewhen in 1995. The Internet came to Windhoek, and an Internet Cafe ( opened in the Mareua Mall shopping center. I was often a guest there. Not to browse, but to find out why and how WEB sites work. And with what I learned there, my personal friends in the south, "Langer" from the Helmeringhausen Hotel, Wolfi with Milena Sauber from Haruchas and Hubert Hester from Kalahari Car Hire, were my first "victims". They got a WEB page. I bought the domain "", which is based on Namibia Travel Online. And now our pages could be found via Yahoo. Google didn't exist at the time. Haruchas GF

However, this relatively small offer grew quickly. Those, present at a HAN Congress, discovered that the Helmeringhausen Hotel was the only hotel Yahoo knew in Namibia. Then the NAPHA followed with a WEB page with us, and also the CARAN. And many of their members then also became customers and some still are today.
In the meantime, technology was changing, WEB pages could and can be created by any clever student. So, an update had to be presented.

Hotel Pension Steiner

It was a big step for us, this first major update after more than 10 years. And, in addition to the tourism companies, there were now also other companies that also discovered the Internet for themselves. The Lions Club Alte Feste is just one example.

Okahua JF 2014 2014

Again, everything went well for many years. And then came the virus. First in Europe and then to us. Travel became difficult, and the budget got smaller. Survival was the motto now. And many of my customers said: Sorry, thank you, no more.
And by the way, a lot changed again in terms of technology. More and more customers no longer came to our pages via PC but via smartphone. Again a big update and today our pages are  suitable for mobile phones. 2022 Ondese 2023

What can i do for you?

Let us know what you need, and I will be at your service.

Web Design

Does'nt matter is it HTML4, 5 or Bootstrap. With photo galleries, booking forms, and much more. We will do your web site according to your needs.

Domain Hosting

If you are planning to get your own domain name, or you have already one and you are looking for a safe place and a good service: here we are. 

Something else ....

And whatever might be your question, as a software trainer from Germany, I'm used to explain and advice in a manner that can be understood. 

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Please feel free to drop me a line or two.
I will come back to you. 


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